The College of Al-Mammon University has been established in 23 / 4/ 1990 by a request submitted by the union of Iraqi Teachers in Iraq - Headquarters. At the beginning, the college opened only educational departments including "History" and "Geography". The first academic year of the college was in 1990/1991. While in 1993 the department of computer science has been added, in 2004 the department of law was established in addition to the departments of Translation and Business Administration. In 2005, the departments of:- Technical Computer Engineering has been established besides the departments of the Electrical Power Engineering and the department of Communications Engineering. After two years, the department of Medical Laboratory Techniques was established as a first medical department in the college.

The Vision of the College

It is to be a lighthouse for knowledge and to establish bridges of cooperation with different cultures in order to improve the scientific quality and to support a more creative society. Moreover, it is to go forward in knowledge industry, enrichment of society and to embody the spirit of discrimination in teaching and academic research.

The Message of the College

The College holds the subtle message of spreading knowledge especially among the youth. This category has a great role in building the country. The College tries its best to create a conscious and promising generation who is able to bear the burdens of life and the requirements of the period.

The Targets of the College

It is to be pioneer in learning and teaching; in scientific research and serving society, the enhancement of the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking, to produce and develop knowledge and the qualification of specialized human resources to fulfill the needs and targets of society and labor market in the frame of the State policy and the development of human resources.

الاجواء داخل الكلية


Al Mammon College has a great variety of departments. It contains humanistic departments such as : Department of Law, Department of Geography, Department of History, Department of Business Administration Department of Translation and department of English. It also has scientific departments such as: Department of Computer Science, Department of Biological Technologies as well as Engineering departments: Department of Computer Technologies, Department of Communications and Department of Electric Energy.

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